About Us

What is GXL?

TheGXL was established on February 27th, 2004, as a collaboration of local gaming lans and organizations in the DE, NJ, and PA area. This collaboration of resources exercises several combined decades of LAN party experience. TheGXL’s goal is to institute the largest and most exciting LAN parties. TheGXL has run many events ranging between 70 attendees to 700. The average attendance of non-MINI events is nearly 600 gamers. Over the years we have included many aspects of gaming to include Consoles, E-sports, VR, Retro Consoles, Arcades, and so much more.

  • LANs you already loved

    GXL 256 – Feb 2004 (MRS)GXL 512 – October 2004 (MRS)GXL MINI I – Feb 2005 (MRS)GXL MINI II – October 2005 (MRS)GXL MINI III – Jan 2006 (MRS)GXL MINI IV – June 2007 (MRS)GXL 256 II – October 2007 (MRS)GXL 256 III – April 2008 (MRS)GXL 400 – October 2008 (MRS)GXL MINI V – April 2009 (MRS)GXL Unleashed – October 2009 (MRS)GXL TMG – May 2011 (Philadelphia Expo Center)GXL Resurrection – October 2013 (Philadelphia Expo Center)GXL Universe – October 2014 (Philadelphia Expo Center)GXL Titan – October 2015 (Philadelphia Expo Center)GXL Colossal - October 2022 (Philadelphia Expo Center)

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General LAN Questions

Below we give answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can also always contact us in any convenient way.

  • What does LAN stand for?

    LAN is an acronym for Local Area Network. A LAN is a way of connecting multiple computers together to communicate and transfer data at high speeds; or in our case, allow a group of people to share the same experience together in a video game.

  • What is a LAN Party?

    A LAN Party is a gathering of gamers who connect together by a LAN and participate in multiplayer versions of popular computer games. A LAN party may consist of a small group of gamers or scale into the masses like theGXL, either case, the meaning “party” is to ensure that everyone has a great time playing games together.

  • What is BYOC?

    BYOC is an acronym that stands for Bring Your Own Computer.

  • Why come to a LAN Party when I have high-speed internet at home?

    A LAN Party is one of those experiences you can not put into words. A great comparison would be: why go see your favorite band in concert when you already have their album? A lot of the same answers used to justify the concert question can be used to answer the LAN Party question. Basically, it boils down to having tons of fun, meeting key people in the gaming industry, creating new friends, competing to be the greatest in the area, and having one of the best times possible.

  • Do I need a special type of computer?

    The type of computer is more based on the type of games you wish to play at the LAN party. Chances are, if you are currently participating in a title, you will be fine playing it at the LAN. What you do need is a network card to be able to connect to our network.

  • What is a network card?

    A network card is a peripheral that allows you to connect to a network by joining the network card and a network switch together with a network wire. If you are unsure if you have a network card, contact your computer manufacture or search a spec sheet. If you do not have a network card, you can buy one from any local computer shop or major computer store, i.e. BestBuy, CompUSA, & Staples.

  • What is a network wire?

    A network wire (or cable) is much like a telephone wire but with 8 connectors that allow fast data transmission between two devices. A network wire is sometimes called an ethernet or rj45 cable. A network wire may also be referred to as a Cat5, Cat5e, or Cat6. A network wire is an essential part in connecting a network card to a network switch. You can buy a network wire at any local computer shop or major computer store: BestBuy, Target & Office Depot.

  • What does NIC stand for?

    NIC is an acronym for Network Interface Card, otherwise known as a network card (see above).